Todays’ hearing aids are highly sophisticated instruments which are able to afford great benefit and enhance communication and quality of life dramatically.

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Important Features to consider when selecting a hearing aid:

Directional microphones
Noise reduction
Feedback cancellation
Bluetooth compatibility
Remote control

Your hear care professional will be able to provide you with the best combination of the above features to suit you needs and lifestyle.

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Here are some noteworthy features available:

Made for iPhone hearing aids: Several hearing aids on the market have made for iPhone technology, making it possible to stream calls or other media audio directly to you hearing aids.

Hearing aid accessories: You can stream sound from any Bluetooth compatible devices with add on hearing aid accessories.

Rechargeability: Charge your hearing aids like you do your phone – ready for the next day!
Instant fittings: We don’t want delays – that’s why there are several instant fit options available to start hearing better right away.

Demo: Test the waters, it’s warm. You are most welcome to have recommended hearing aid technology trialed and tested on a demo basis. Please contact us for further information.

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